Version 2
2-2-1 Kwans – January 2015

Know your (2-2-1) Kwans! Ruth Ho Kwan is pictured in the enclosed photo with her grandkids and great‑grandkids from her 97th birthday in January 2015. Each person is identified by their “Kwan code”: David T. Kwan’s code is 2-2-1; Ruth’s code is 2-2-1S (S for spouse); Alec (second-born of the next generation) is 2-2-1-2; his daughter Carissa is 2-2-1-2-1. The parentheses below include only the digits after 2-2-1.

Back row: Carissa (2-1), Stephanie (3-2) holding Renee (3-2-2), Jim (3-2S), Ian (6-1), Nicole (6-2), William (5-3), David (5-1), Darin (3-1), Shannon (1-2S) holding Joshua (1-2-3), Clifford (1-2) holding Ethan (1-2-2) 

Front row: Derek (4-2), Viet (1-3S), Dina (1-3) holding Kayla (1-3-1), Ruth, Gabriel (3-2-1), Daniel (1-2-1), Christie (1-1)

Not pictured: Drew (4-1) and Frances (5-2)


kwan-leightons – april 2016



ruth ho kwan
ralph at embarcadero

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